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Equipment Quality Commitment

Guarantee that the equipment supplied is brand-new, the quality meets the national industry standards, the spare parts are complete, and the purchased electrical appliances and standard parts are strictly in accordance with international electrical standards and ISO272888 standards. If damage and loss are found during site acceptance, it is guaranteed to be solved satisfactorily within three days.

After-sales Service Commitment

1. Delivery: After receiving the remittance of the user's order, the shipping procedure will be completed within 1-2 working days and the bill of lading will be faxed to the user. After the expiration of the warranty period, spare parts will be provided to the buyer for a long time at a preferential price to ensure that the shipping procedures will be completed 24 hours after receiving the telex from the user and the bill of lading will be faxed to the user.

2. Communicate with the buyer regularly to understand the use of equipment, or send technicians to the scene for tracking service. Our company implements lifelong technical service for highly technical micro-computer weighing scales.

Technical commitment

1. Technical training: Our company provides technical training on the use and maintenance of equipment for the buyer's personnel. Usually on the spot, if the buyer thinks it necessary to send staff to our company for pre-technical training, our company will provide convenience for the incoming people. To ensure the quality of training.

2. Revamping: If users need to send technicians to help the old packaging line.

3. New technology: If there is a breakthrough in new technology, the equipment will be given priority to the old users.


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